Second Life™ Racing Site

Posted by Atashi at 2016.04.12 18.17 in News

Second Life™ Racing is a new site that Kim Link has set up, as a one-stop source for all news and information about racing in Second Life!

There’s pages set up for numerous auto racing venues, a calendar of events, and a blog, as well as links to other racing sites and several virtual-racing youtube channels.

It looks like a great resource for anyone interested in virtual racing of any kind.

Series Seven Ended

Posted by Atashi at 2016.04.06 18.11 in News, Racing

Series Seven has come to an end, with our 24th Regatta today.

Once again, Kim has taken the top spot.

The final scores are as follows:

Series Seven Final Scores

For now, we’ll have some casual races, or maybe we’ll take a break. Either way the pressure is off and we’re in between seasons.

Looking ahead, a completely new boat design is in the works, and perhaps a complete overhaul of our Regatta system.

Thank you everyone who joined us to race over the past couple months, and congratulations to Kim for her win!

Series 7 Trophy

Course Update – March 21

Posted by Atashi at 2016.03.21 9.24 in Hydrodrome

A new course layout for the last four regattas of our seventh season.

Course 2016-03-21

This should be a faster track and might favour Speed mode, particularily between gates 2 and 5.

Gates 3 and 4 are smaller again, back to the original 12-meter width, and they have the advertising banners over them. Unlike before, the banners are phantom so a) you cannot hit and get hung up on them, and b) you can clip the corners of the gate and it will still ‘count’ like we used to do with the little buoys.

Just don’t miss the gates if you’re trying to cut corners, or your lap will be disqualified!

Course Updated Today

Posted by Atashi at 2016.02.21 13.10 in Hydrodrome

The course has changed today, prior to today’s regatta.

It’s not a ‘new’ layout per se, but a revisit on a track we had last year – and one which I personally quite enjoyed.


Map 150913

The Fastest Lap board will be reset to go along with this change, as it’s a significant change to the speed of the course.