Season Six: Sunday September 13th

Posted by Atashi at 2015.09.05 12.13 in News

Our sixth season of racing will begin on Sunday September 13th.

As with past seasons, there will be a total of twenty regattas, taking place every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).

This season brings a few more changes to the formatting.

We are keeping the 8-races per regatta, but changing up the types of races. There will be five 5-Lap races, which will be a mix of Limited and Unlimited. The actual breakdown will depend on participants — more newcomers will mean more Limited races.

Generally though, we’re looking for something like this:

  1. 5 Lap Limited Race
  2. 5 Lap Limited Race
  3. 5 Lap Unlimited Race
  4. 5 Lap Unlimited Race
  5. 5 Lap Unlimited Race
  6. 10 Lap Unlimited Race
  7. 10 Lap Unlimited Race
  8. 20 Lap Unlimited Race

Limited races are those where Turbo is disabled and the boats are all locked to Manoevering mode.

In the Unlimited races, Turbo is available and the boats may  use both Manoevering and Speed modes.

The other significant change, is we’re going to use a ‘qualifying’ session prior to the first race, then have assigned starting positions for all 8 races. This is a bit complicated to explain, so bear with us:

  • The qualfying round is Open Qualifying, so everyone is on the track trying to set a good time. Qualifying will last 5 minutes or so.
  • After qualifying, the gates will be assigned with fastest person in gate 1, then moving backward from there so the slowest qualifying time is in the last gate.
  • After each race, your starting-gate for the next race is based on your position in the preceeding race — BUT assigned in reverse. So whomever finished race 1 in last place, starts race 2 in gate 1.

The gates will have the drivers’ name visible over them in hovertext, and the gate positions will be announced in chat; the whole thing is automated and hopefully people wil pay attention.

So come over to the Waikiti Wharf, grab a boat, and join us for some exciting boat races!

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