Race / Course Info Beacons

Posted by Atashi at 2015.10.11 10.15 in News

New around the Hydrodrome, are a number of beacon lights. These are mounted on the concrete bollards, or floating on simple metal can-style buoys.

Race Beacon

These beacon lights blink in different colours to provide information on the race or the track status. Each colour has a different meaning.

Hopefully this will help convey information to the drivers while they are out on the course.

  • Cyan / light blue means the track is open and clear, and in Timing Mode.
  • Magenta means the Open Qualifying round is now in session.
  • Red means that we are preparing to race.
  • Green means that an official race is currently in progress.
  • White signals the checkered flag, meaning the race has been won and any drivers still on the course are now on their last lap.
  • Amber indicates that there is wreckage on the course and drivers should proceed with caution.

The reasoning behind these beacon lights is that drivers aren’t always able to see everything happening in chat, so may not realize when qualifications start, or that there is a damaged boat somewhere on the track.

Hopefully folks will get used to the beacon colours. If not, it’s at least another indication that something has changed and they should pay attention.

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