The Boat

FW2 Instruction Poster

We are now racing with our new two-seater Formula Wai Racing Boats, designated as FW-2 boats.

Basic driving utilizes the standard arrow keys / WSAD keys, for going forward, backward, and executing turns.

A turbo boost may be activated by tapping Page-Up / Jump while holding the forward key. This provides a few seconds of increased power, at the cost of some health points.

A hard-turn (aka turbo turn, aka handbrake turn) may be activated by holding Page-Down / Crouch during powered turns. (i.e. powering forward, turning either right or left, then hold the page-down / crouch key.) The hard turn can save you from missing a gate or avoiding a collision, but it will slow you down.

FW-2 boats will suffer damage (health points go down) in collisions with other boats and with fixed obstacles. Damage varies with your speed and what you run into. Eg. rear-ending another boat at turbo speed will cause the most damage to your boat, and the least damage to the boat you hit.

When your boat’s health is below 25%, the engine will leave a trail of thick oily smoke. It’s a good idea to visit the pit lane when your boat gets low on health; there are two pit stops which can recharge your boat to full health.

If your boat’s health goes below zero, the boat is ‘destroyed’ and will stop, and your race will be over.

The Formula Wai boats have two different ‘modes’. The first (default) mode is Manoevering, or ‘M’ mode. The second mode is Speed, or ‘S’ mode.

In Maneuvering mode, the FW-2 tends to be very responsive to changes in speed and course. The boat has a centre-board in the water, and it wants to go where you point it. Maneuvering mode is a bit slower however, and its Turbo boost lasts for only six seconds.

In Speed mode, the FW-2 can be a bit hard to control, but it is noticably faster. In this mode, the centre-board is retractred, leaving a smooth flat-bottom profile. This gives a distinct speed advantage, at the cost of handling. The boat is slower to respond to changes in speed and direction. Turbo boost lasts a full 10 seconds in Speed mode.

There are two indicator lights on the boat, just behind the seats. The one on the starboard side lights up yellow to indicate that the boat is synchronized with the local race course. The one on the port side lights up cyan to indicate that the boat is synchronized with the driver’s HUD.

Above the propeller there is a tail light. This lights up red when you are making a hard turn, and white when you are reversing. If you ever notice your camera or animation goes bizzare or the boat suddenly acts wierd (sometimes during sim crossings) click this tail light then try driving the boat, to force a fix.

Kim and Rachel battle for position as they're about to enter the tunnel!

Kim and Rachel battle for position as they’re about to enter the tunnel!