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Rumbles From The Beyond

Posted by Atashi at 2013.01.30 14.05 in General

When I was 7 or 8, my family went to England for a 3 week holiday. Much of that trip is lost in the fog of my mind, but I do remember a few highlights. One of them was visiting a pier.

I want to say Brighton Pier as that comes to mind, but I really have no idea which pier it was. I don’t even know if we visited Brighton.

Anyhow, it was a great long thing stretching out over the water. It did not appear to serve any sort of maritime function, instead it was some kind of amusement thing – I remember an arcade, and it all seemed to be the sort of place you’d go to have a day of fun and unhealthy food and enjoy the sea air.

So the reason I’m mentioning all this, is that I’m building a smaller sort of pier place in SecondLife.

Originally I was just going to have a spot on the mainland – back in my original ‘home sim’ of Myeolchi. Then I wanted to rebuild my store, but that got frustrating. Then I wanted water (I really missed having boats and room to use them).

So I left Myeolchi and got a big oddly-shaped lot in a wierdly-named sim called Thorklin. And I’m building a pier there.

For a very short time it was just going to be another inworld shop but I realized how boring that was. Yes, there are vendors there incase people do want to shop, but more importantly I’m trying to build up some entertaining things.

There’s vehicle rezzers for boat-rides or flying-machine rides. I’ve nearly finished a skeet-shooting game. Then there’ll be some kind of thing based on bumper-cars. Of course there’s 7-Seas fishing, and someday I’ll build some new custom catchables.

And I’m working on a renewed place like the old Waikiti clubhouse.

I am toying with the idea of naming it the Wai Wharf. The Waikiti Colours are already flying and the land is deeded to the Waikiti group.

So there we go.

When / if anything more comes of this, I’ll actually do some kind of group announcement, make it official. Rather than a stealth blog post at a new URL that nobody is aware of.