The Course


Course 2016-03-21

The race course consists of a single start/finish line and six separate gates. For a lap to be counted, racers must cross the start line, all six gates in order, and the start/finish line. If a gate is missed or the gates are taken out of order, the lap will not be counted.

The course may be run either deosil (clockwise) or widdershins (counter-clockwise). Guide signs around the course will indicate which direction is being used on a given day.

The gates and start/finish line will ‘blink’ or flicker to let you know that you have successfully passed them. Again, participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the course and vehicles prior to official races.

Please note that if the official timing equipment announced your lap has been “DISQUALIFIED”, this only applies to the immediate lap you have run. The timing equipment “disqualifies” a lap if you have missed one of the gates or taken the gates out of order. In a race, a disqualified lap will set you back a lap but it does not mean your race itself has been disqualified.

The course is subject to changes between Regattas. Minor changes may not be announced, significant changes will be announced with a new layout map posted.

The course is always open and anyone may help themselves to vehicles in the Pit Lane or Marina. Impromptu races are always welcome.

Sandi gives Atashi a ride through the Magdu gate.

Sandi gives Atashi a ride through the Magdu gate.