Here are some quick answers to common questions about the Waikiti Waverunners boats and races.

If you don’t see your question answered here, send an in-world IM to Atashi Toshihiko.

The Boats

How do I drive the boats?
Right click the boat and select Ride! to sit in the boat. (Don’t sit in the passenger seat.) Then just use the same keys you would for walking around in Second Life! Both the arrow keys and WASD keys work fine for the boats. See the Boats page for more information on driving the boats.
How can I go faster?
The boats have a Turbo Boost function which lasts for a few seconds. You can trigger it by tapping the Jump key (either Page-Up or E) while you are driving forward. That is, hold the forward key and tap the jump key. Please note, the Turbo Boost function can be disabled course-wide, eg. for Limited races. See the Boats page for more information on driving the boats.
How can I make sharper turns?
The boats have a Hard Turn function which you can think of as a sort of handbrake-turn. It cuts your speed but allows you to make much sharper turns. To activate it, use the Crouch key (either Page-Down or C) while you are driving forward and turning. That is: hold the forward key, turn either left or right, and hold the crouch key. See the Boats page for more information on driving the boats.
What do M Mode & S Mode mean?
The boats have two different handling modes. M, or Manoever mode allows greater manoeverability and is generally easier to handle. The boat is more responsive. S, or Speed mode, is faster but is harder to manoever and does not respond as quickly to the controls. Some people find Manoever mode to be easier at first, while Speed mode takes some practise to get used to. See the Boats page for more information on driving the boats.
Where do I get my own boat?
There are free rezzers located at the Waikiti Wharf so you can try the boats out or practise running the course any time you like. If you would like to have your own boat that you can take with you, you can grab one from the vendor located on the wharf. See this Post for details.
Why can’t I rez my boat?
The Waikiti Wharf area sometimes has rezzing limited to group members with the Waverunners group tag. Typically this is only turing actual races, to try and ensure spectators don’t accidentally rez things on the track. If you can’t rez your boat near the pit area, try rezzing at the fishing area or the boat ride area on the west side of the Wharf. Or if it is race time, make sure you have your Waikiti Waverunners group tag on.
How do I modify / customize my boat?
If you have the free version of the boat, you can change the colour of the boat by clicking the boat then selecting Colour in the menu. You are limited to the preloaded options. If you have purchased the Mod version of the boat, please see the Customization Posts for all the different ways you can modify your boat.
How can I update my boat?
Just rez your boat near the pit area of the Waikiti Wharf, wait for the yellow sync light to come on, then click your boat for the menu. Select Update and if there is an update available you should receive it. See here for more details.

The HUDs

Where can I get the HUD?
If you have purchased a boat (or got one from the freebie vendor) you should have received the two HUDs in the same folder as your boat. However, if you have lost or deleted your HUD or if you are using the rezzed boats, the easiest way to get the HUD is to grab a freebie boat from the vendor. This will give you both HUDs.
See this Post for details.
Do I have to use the HUD?
No! The two HUDs are 100% optional.
Why are there two HUDs?
There are two because they serve two different purposes and it didn’t make sense to pack both sets of features into one HUD. The ‘Race Position HUD’ is only active during actual races, otherwise it serves no function. The FW-2 Racing HUD can be used all the time, and offers some extra (optional) functions that aren’t possible without it.
How do they work?
Please see the HUD page for full details.
What is Turbo Lock?
Turbo Lock is a function in the HUD which automatically hits Turbo Boost every time it ends. This can be handy when trying to improve your time on the Fastest Lap board, but it burns through health very quickly.

The Course

How do I get faster laps?
Practise. Practise. Practise. There aren’t any easy shortcuts or tricks to it.
Why was my lap disqualified?
For a lap to be “counted”, you must pass through the red start/finish line, then all six yellow gates, then the red start/finish line again. If you miss a gate, the lap is disqualified.
Why was the course changed?
The course is changed from time to time, to keep things interesting and challenging. Sometimes the course is changed as we aquire more group land, allowing us to expand the track. You can always find the current map on the Course page and inworld at the pit lane.
When will the next course change happen?
Course changes are seldom announced in advance. Minor changes are usually not announced at all. Significant changes are announced when they have occured, in the Waikiti group and on the website here.

The Races

When are the official races?
Official races are usually held every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm SL time. That is, 2:00pm Pacific or 5:00pm Eastern.
How do I join the races?
Just show up 10 minutes or so before race time, and tell us you want to participate! The races are open to everyone.
Does it cost money to race?
No! It is absolutely free to race with us. You don’t even need to buy a boat, we have rezzers available and a freebie vendor.
What are the prizes for winning?
During our ‘racing season’, winning racers are awarded points. The driver with the most points at the end of the day wins a gold medal. There are no cash prizes. In our offseason races, we just race for practise and/or to test improvements and updates to the boats and course.
Can I race with this other boat I have?
Not during our official races, no. To keep everything fair, only our own Formula Wai mark 2 racing boat is eligible to participate.
Are there ‘unofficial’ races?
Sure! The course is open all the time, and group members can control the timing machine to start impromptu races whenever they like.


Who created all this?
The boats, course, and races have been evolving with the help and input from our many participants, especially Kim Link, Sandi Omlet, and Aquadoc, and by participating in other racing venues within Second Life. The actual prims and scripts were mostly produced by Atashi Toshihiko.
How long have you been doing this?
Our very first race course map is dated from November, 2013.
I have an idea or suggestion, who do I talk to?
Come and see us on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon! Or IM Atashi Toshihiko.