FW2 Hud Instructions

Along with our boats, we have available an optional HUD which works in conjunction with the FW-2 racing boats.

The HUD is useful both for racing, and for casual boating or doing time trials.

The HUD is completely optional – racers may opt to use it or skip it.

If utilized, the HUD should be attached Before sitting in your boat. This will ensure the HUD and boat are properly synced.

If there is a sync problem, the HUD / Boat sync can be forced by clicking the rectangular indicator in the centre of the HUD. Click once or twice and watch the messages you receive in chat.

The HUD provides all the information you would otherwise get from the boat, but with a clearer UI.

During races the HUD also offers extra data such as your lap # and race position.

The HUD has some exclusive functions, such as Turbo Lock and an Odometer.

The Turbo Lock function is good for running time trials. It can be used in races too, but you will burn through health very quickly. Turbo Lock causes the boat to stay ‘locked’ in Turbo mode until your health drops below 25%.

The Odometer simply reports to you (in chat) the length of each lap, in meters. This can be handy for finding the most efficient track through the gates.

The HUD also allows you to use chat to control some boat features, which means you can use gestures as well.

“/1 m” toggles the boat to change modes.

“/1 tl” toggles the HUD to turn Turbo Lock on and off.

A second HUD, also optional, is the Race Position HUD. This one is only of use during actual races.

The Position HUD is like a race leader board – it shows you your position relative to the other races, along with relative lap count, and distance.

Race Position HUDYour position is highlighted in Yellow (unless you are in the lead, then your name is in Green), racers who are ahead of you are in Green, and those behind you are in Pink.

Racers who are out of the race, either because their boats have been destroyed, or because they have withdrawn from the race, will be highlighted in Red.

To keep the HUD small and updating fast, names are truncated to the first three letters. After the name, the relative Lap is displayed. The leader is always at the top Lap, those behind the leader are +0, +1, +2 etc. laps behind.

The last indication is physical distance to you, which is given in brackets, and is in meters.

In the example image on the left, I am in 3rd place, a fairly long way behind Sandi and Rachel.. Aquadoc is behind me but he’s only 17 meters back, so I have to be careful. And Kim is just 35 meters back. Finally, Kriss is listed as DNF (did not finish).

If this all sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry – the HUD is optional, and you don’t need to use it. All the information is also announced over chat by the course speakers, the HUD just puts it all in a compact visual reference.