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Boat Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.11.25 16.50 in News

The Formula Wai racing boats have been updated today.

The most notable change is that the boats are no longer destroyed, when their health reaches zero!

As before, the engine does blow up, throwing a couple pistons out, and the back of the propeller cage / rudders still falls off leaving debris in the water.

What’s different is the boat remains drivable! Just… slower. You can get back to the pit lane where the boat is fully repaired, same as before!

A damaged FW-2 limps to the pit lane for repairs.

A damaged FW-2 limps to the pit lane for repairs.

The ‘destroyed’ boat is slow enough that drivers will have a strong incentive to pit before catastrophe, but the difference is now they are still in the race – no more DNFs!

(Technically you can still DNF if you quit the race.)

The other change is in Manoever mode, the lower rudder has returned. It was there in the original FW-1 boats, but due to script constraints was removed with the early FW-2 versions.

Finally, there is an updated HUD to go with the updated boats. No new features, but it’s been tweaked to work with the newly-unkillable boats.

To find out how to get your free updates, click here!

Boat Scripts Updated

Posted by Atashi at 2015.10.14 13.55 in News

The boat scripts were updated today to resolve a problem that was discovered in the races on Sunday.

This update also includes some other minor fixes and improvements.

It’s not mandatory, but encouraged, that all racers upgrade to the latest version.

Click here to find out how to get your free update!

If your boat is highly customized you can just copy the scripts from an update boat into your own boat. All three scripts must be updated together. There is also one new object in the boat inventory, “Oil” which should be copied too.



Boat Scripts Updated

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.16 11.48 in News

There has been another update to the boats today. Version 3.3.1 includes some bug fixes, and some lag-reduction improvements.

This is a mandatory update, in that the course will no longer recognize or properly function with boats of a lower version / build number.

Older boats will continue to function as boats of course, they aren’t broken, but they cannot be used with the racing gear at Waikiti Wharf (i.e. no setting lap times, no official races.)

See this post to learn how to get your free update.

This update does not alter the prims, so those of you with customized boats can simply copy the scripts over, as described in this post.

Advanced Boat Hacking – Seats

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.14 9.48 in Customizations

Here is more information than you ever wanted to know, about hacking the Formula Wai racing boats. This edition covers the seats.

The boats are Mod / Copy (*) so you can play around and customize your boat. However, be warned that the only support available for broken boats is a new un-modified one.

The Formula Wai mark 2 (FW-2) boats sit two people – the driver and a passenger. By default the two seats are side by side, with the driver on the left, but there are a few ways you can modify this.

Right-Hand Drive

This is the easiest change to make, it’s actually built in to the scripts!

Just rez your boat, then click it. One of the options in the menu will be ‘Drive’ which is short for change drive side.

Click that, and the driver and passenger seats, and the control stick, will swap sides.

You can use the menu to swap the seats back again if you wish.

Right Hand Drive

The boat can be switched to right-hand drive.

Moving (or Removing) the Seats

If you wanted to adjust your seats up, down, forward or back, just edit the boat, and move the seats.

You can move the two seats independantly of each other, but if you are moving the driver’s seat, it is suggested you move the control stick at the same time.

The seats don’t have to remain side-by-side. You could move them so the passenger is in back and the driver in front, or set them diagonally… however, it is suggested you do not try rotating them so that they are facing sideways or backwards.

Over-Under Seating

Seats re-arranged so the skipper is front and centre, passenger in the back.

You could even remove the passenger seat entirely if you want – just unlink it.

Don’t remove the drivers seat, that will result in unexpected behaviors when riding the boat.

After you have finished moving the seats around, click your boat and select the ‘Sit Pos’ option from the menu. This tells the scripts to update the driver’s and passenger’s sitting positions to match the seats’ new locations.

Boat Menu

The boat’s menu.

Adjusting The Avatar Position

When seated in the boat, the avatars are positioned so that they should appear to be sitting correctly on the two seats. This should work most of the time, but occasionally with very large or very small or non-human avatars, it’s possible that they don’t appear to be sitting correctly in the seats.

If this happens, first remove or disable any animation-override you may have on. AOs can conflict with the boat’s built-in animations.

If you find you are still sitting ‘wrong’ you can edit the sit positions directly. They are stored in the prim description field of the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

The values are stored as vectors, <X, Y, Z>. If you want to move forward or backward, make the first value higher or smaller.

To move to the left or right, move the second value higher or lower.

To move higher or lower, move the third value higher or lower.

You can adjust the sit position of the driver and passenger seats independantly of each other.

After you have finished editing the sit target vectors, click your boat and select the ‘Sit Pos’ option from the menu. This tells the scripts to reload the driver’s and passenger’s sitting positions from the prim description fiels.

Editing Sit Target

Editing the sit target in the driver’s seat.

Have fun modding your boats, and remember to make backups of your boat!

(* Freebie boats are given away as Copy only.)