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Formula Wai Boat Speeds

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.09 10.57 in Racing

There have been some questions now and then about the speed of the Formula Wai racing boat in Manoever mode versus Speed mode.

I could give you the ‘raw’ numbers direct out of the script but those numbers do not directly translate into practical in-world speeds. The SL Havoc physics engine works with a lot of factors, and the ‘raw’ numbers that are fed into the ‘engine’ do not directly turn into realized meters-per-second speed.

The only way to know for sure is emprical testing of the boat.

For testing, I went into the openspace water region Frumatay (due west from the Waikiti Wharf) and ran the boats diagonally across the region to allow the longest uninterupted path.

The figures below are the absolute maximum possible speeds that the boats can achieve on a long straight track. You are unlikely to reach these speeds on the race course because there aren’t any straightaways long enough.

Maximum Speeds – Manoever Mode

  • Driving Speed: 18 meters per second
  • Turbo Speed: 26 meters per second
  • Reverse Speed: 6 meters per second
  • Pit Lane Speed: 10 meters per second

Maximum Speeds – Speed Mode

  • Driving Speed: 23 meters per second
  • Turbo Speed: 28 meters per second
  • Reverse Speed: 7 meters per second
  • Pit Lane Speed: 10 meters per second

At first glance looking at these numbers, one might automatically assume that Speed mode should be the obvious winner all the time. This might be the case if we were racing on a course with a very long straight track with very few turns.

However, the Manoever Mode has a hands-down advantage in turns and in accelleration. In fact, Manoever Mode would probably be the winner if we were doing boat drag racing, thanks to its greater accelleration.

The Wai race course has over a half dozen turns, some of which are very sharp.

While both boats slow down in a turn — and hard turns slow the boats even further — boats in Manoever mode recover quicker, again thanks to its better accelleration.

So yes, the Speed mode is faster over-all — that is why it’s called Speed mode. Manoever mode however, has the advantage in handling and manoeverability.

Ideally, this means that at the end of the day, the two modes are relatively well matched.