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Course Update – March 21

Posted by Atashi at 2016.03.21 9.24 in Hydrodrome

A new course layout for the last four regattas of our seventh season.

Course 2016-03-21

This should be a faster track and might favour Speed mode, particularily between gates 2 and 5.

Gates 3 and 4 are smaller again, back to the original 12-meter width, and they have the advertising banners over them. Unlike before, the banners are phantom so a) you cannot hit and get hung up on them, and b) you can clip the corners of the gate and it will still ‘count’ like we used to do with the little buoys.

Just don’t miss the gates if you’re trying to cut corners, or your lap will be disqualified!

Course Updated Today

Posted by Atashi at 2016.02.21 13.10 in Hydrodrome

The course has changed today, prior to today’s regatta.

It’s not a ‘new’ layout per se, but a revisit on a track we had last year – and one which I personally quite enjoyed.


Map 150913

The Fastest Lap board will be reset to go along with this change, as it’s a significant change to the speed of the course.

Course Update # 18

Posted by Atashi at 2015.11.10 11.36 in Hydrodrome

Just in time for the end of our sixth season, the blue shipping container has made its triumphant return with another course update!

Course 2015-11-10

As before, with the blue container slowly bobbing and drifting in the racing line, the best track around it can change from lap to lap. Choose your line every time you round the barge!

So come on down and get lots of practise laps in, and get your best lap time on the Fastest Lap board!

Course Updated!

Posted by Atashi at 2015.10.15 11.04 in Hydrodrome

The mid-way point in our sixth series means it’s time for a course update!

Course 151015

Experienced racers will note this is not a new design per se, mostly it is a re-use of one of the layouts we used during our fifth series.

There are a few minor differences, primarily that we are still using the wider race gates this season.

Finally, the Fastest Laps board has been reset because this is a slower course than the previous one.

So come on down and get lots of practise laps in, and get your best lap time on the Fastest Lap board!