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Minor Hydrodrome Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.24 12.26 in Hydrodrome

The course hasn’t changed as such, but we acquired some more land which gives us more options for new layouts next time.


Course Update

Posted by Atashi at 2014.08.29 12.00 in Hydrodrome

We picked up a couple 512m lots, giving us access to the Linden right-of-way along the south edge of the region.

And now we’re racingĀ out onto the Linden right-of-way and back again.


Course Update

Posted by Atashi at 2014.07.30 12.00 in Hydrodrome

We bought the 3072m abandoned parcel between gates 1 and 2, so there’s no worry of someone else buying it and closing it off to the boats.

And the track got a bit longer.