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Get Your Own FW-2 Boat

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.10 13.01 in General

The Formula Wai mark 2 (FW-2) racing boat is available inworld at the Waikiti Wharf.

Just next to the bridge, overlooking the start/finish line, you’ll find a table with a freebie boat giver, a freebie lifejacket giver, and a boat vendor.

Boat Sales Table

The only difference between the free FW-2 boat and the paid FW-2 boat is that the free version is no-mod. The freebie boat can be re-coloured using the built in scripts, but you are limited to the pre-loaded colours.

If you just want to race and don’t want to spend any money, grab a freebie boat and you’re all set.

If you want to customize your boat with your own texture, or you want to tweak the prims and trick out your ride — or if you just want to support the boat racing, then buy the Mod/Copy version of the boat. It’s only L$195!