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Boat Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.11.25 16.50 in News

The Formula Wai racing boats have been updated today.

The most notable change is that the boats are no longer destroyed, when their health reaches zero!

As before, the engine does blow up, throwing a couple pistons out, and the back of the propeller cage / rudders still falls off leaving debris in the water.

What’s different is the boat remains drivable! Just… slower. You can get back to the pit lane where the boat is fully repaired, same as before!

A damaged FW-2 limps to the pit lane for repairs.

A damaged FW-2 limps to the pit lane for repairs.

The ‘destroyed’ boat is slow enough that drivers will have a strong incentive to pit before catastrophe, but the difference is now they are still in the race – no more DNFs!

(Technically you can still DNF if you quit the race.)

The other change is in Manoever mode, the lower rudder has returned. It was there in the original FW-1 boats, but due to script constraints was removed with the early FW-2 versions.

Finally, there is an updated HUD to go with the updated boats. No new features, but it’s been tweaked to work with the newly-unkillable boats.

To find out how to get your free updates, click here!

Boat Scripts Updated

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.16 11.48 in News

There has been another update to the boats today. Version 3.3.1 includes some bug fixes, and some lag-reduction improvements.

This is a mandatory update, in that the course will no longer recognize or properly function with boats of a lower version / build number.

Older boats will continue to function as boats of course, they aren’t broken, but they cannot be used with the racing gear at Waikiti Wharf (i.e. no setting lap times, no official races.)

See this post to learn how to get your free update.

This update does not alter the prims, so those of you with customized boats can simply copy the scripts over, as described in this post.

FW2 Template Files [U]

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.03 10.31 in Customizations

The linked zip file below contains Gimp (xcf), Photoshop (psd) files of the new hull texture template for the new FW-2 boats.

The Gimp and Photoshop files contain all separate layers for the various areas you can include in the single texture:

  • Hull Base Colour
  • Lower Hull Colour (also used for cockpit trim)
  • Port & Starboard Text Areas
  • Bow / Logo Area
  • Outer & Inner Rudder Areas

You can include all of these details in a single texture, and retexture the whole boat at once using the boat’s menu system.

Just click the boat for the menu, select Colour, then select UUID from the colour menu. Paste the UUID of your new texture into the text-box and the boat applies the texture to all the relevant surfaces.

Click to download: FW2 Hull Template (Updated)

  • The templates use layers – each layer’s name is descriptive of what the layer represents.
  • The rudder areas have text on them to illustrate which direction is ‘up’ for the inside and outside surfaces.
  • I have added an (unused) layer which is a 32×32 grid of coloured checkered squares, divided into an 8×8 numbered grid, that can be used to figure out precise positioning. You’ll need to upload the grid inworld and apply it to the boat, but it will help illustrate where all the pixels go.

This is what the completed template texture looks like – it’s also available as an option on the boat’s colour menu so you don’t have to upload it yourself in order to see how the various areas are applied to the boat.

FW2 Texture Template