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Second Life™ Racing Site

Posted by Atashi at 2016.04.12 18.17 in News

Second Life™ Racing is a new site that Kim Link has set up, as a one-stop source for all news and information about racing in Second Life!

There’s pages set up for numerous auto racing venues, a calendar of events, and a blog, as well as links to other racing sites and several virtual-racing youtube channels.

It looks like a great resource for anyone interested in virtual racing of any kind.

Season Seven Changes

Posted by Atashi at 2016.01.04 17.47 in News, Racing

Just a heads-up on some changes we are making for our seventh series.

First, we’re not going to do the qualifications round any more, and we’re not going to use the starting gates any more.

The idea behind the starting gates, was to try and avoid the ‘first turn pile-up’ when all the boats try and squeeze through the first turn or gate at once and inevitably end up in a big crash.

We still had the big pile-ups even using starting gates, so they did not solve the problem they were meant to. And without starting gates, there’s no need for qualifications.

Second, rather than 6 or 8 separate races, we’re cutting it down to just three races.

The first two will be shorter, being 5 to 10 laps. The third race will be a longer one, between 20 and 40 laps.

And finally, the points allocations will be adjusted slightly to account for the difference between long- and short- races. The short races will maintain our 4-3-2-1 points breakdown, but the long race will earn double points, eg. 8-6-4-2 points.

There will be two additional points awarded to the winner of the gold medallion for each race. In the event of a tie in the points after the three races are over, a tie-breaking race will be run and the winner of that race will get the extra 2 points and the medallion.

The Official Rules have been updated accordingly to reflect these changes.

Join the Group!

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.18 11.27 in General

The Waikiti group is set for open enrollment and is free to join. All races are announced through the group, along with updates to the course, and updates to the boats.

You can access the group info through SL’s web interface here, or directly inworld at this link.


Please note that during our official races, object-rez is disabled in the Wharf area for everyone but our boat racers (with the Waikiti Waverunners title). You can earn your Waverunners group tag by racing with us!

Those without the Waverunners tag are still welcome to race, using the boats provided by our free rezzers.