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Boat Scripts Updated

Posted by Atashi at 2015.10.14 13.55 in News

The boat scripts were updated today to resolve a problem that was discovered in the races on Sunday.

This update also includes some other minor fixes and improvements.

It’s not mandatory, but encouraged, that all racers upgrade to the latest version.

Click here to find out how to get your free update!

If your boat is highly customized you can just copy the scripts from an update boat into your own boat. All three scripts must be updated together. There is also one new object in the boat inventory, “Oil” which should be copied too.



Advanced Boat Hacking – Scripts

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.06 9.00 in Customizations

Here is more information than you ever wanted to know, about hacking the Formula Wai racing boats. This edition covers the scripts.

The boats are Mod / Copy (*) so you can play around and customize your boat. However, be warned that the only support available for broken boats is a new un-modified one.

Ok, the scripts are actually not Mod, just Copy only. So you’re not really going to be going in and tweaking my scripts. Sorry.

This post is more to explain what the scripts are for / what they do, and if you are into scripting and enjoy playing with things and breaking them, then you may find this interesting.

Boat Updates

Often, when the boats are updated, all that has actually changed is the scripts. So if you have highly customized your boat, rather than having to start all over again with the customizations, it is often faster to just move the new scripts to the existing boat.

To do this, just rez your current boat, and the new boat. Delete the scripts from your current boat. Copy the scripts from the new boat into your inventory. Drop the new scripts into your existing boat. Take the existing boat into inventory. Done.

If there is a significant update where this is not possible, it will be mentioned or posted that the update is ‘prims and all’.

Script Functions

The Formula Wai mark 2 (FW-2) boats contain three scripts, described as follows:

This script handles all the boat physics, collision detection, and the skipper’s animation, control, and camera functions, along with the required permissions.
It is not a big script, and it is compiled as an LSL script, to improve handling and performance on region crossings.
In simple terms, this script handles the bare minimums of ‘being a boat’, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
This script handles all the prim and texture animations, all the communications between the boat and the race course, the boat and the skipper’s HUD, and manages the menu dialog boxes, and responds to touch events.
This script also manages most of the sounds and all of the particle effects.
With all the things going on in the boat, this is a big, busy script.
Consequently it is compiled as a Mono script, both for the memory advantage of Mono, and to reduce region lag when there are many boats in the same region.
In simple terms, this script is what makes the boats look, sound, and act ‘pretty’.
This script does just one thing – it retextures the boat when you want to change colours. It’s a small script and mostly does nothing at all.
When you do want to re-colour your boat though, this script handles the various texture assignments, so that the new texture is applied to the correct faces of the correct prims.
This is the only script that can safely be removed.

The A and B scripts work together as a team – if you remove one or the other, the boat will completely cease to function. Further, the two scripts must always be of the same version and build number.

The C script is the expendable one. If you don’t intend on changing your boat’s colour, you can safely delete or remove this script. The other two scripts won’t mind. The only change you’ll notice is the Colour option will disappear from the menu, when you click your boat.


This last bit is for the scripters who want to take things apart and break them.

The three scripts in the boat all communicate with each other via link messages. Usually restricted to the prim containing the scripts (LINK_THIS) instead of the whole object (LINK_ALL).

The (integer) num part of the message tends to be a ‘command’ or ‘variable name’ reference.

The (string) str and (key) id parts tend to be used to carry the ‘data’ or ‘values’ that the ‘command’ relates to.

The messages are mostly from A to B or from B to A. Sometimes from B to C.

Caveat: scripters / hackers are going to figure this stuff out regardless so I don’t see any harm in sharing it. What you do with your boat is your business.

However, if people find some exploit and start using that to cheat at racing or cheat at time trials, we reserve the right to ban them from the races and remove them from the scoreboards. Have fun, but play nice.

Better still, if you find some cheaty exploit, let me know so it can be patched!

Have fun modding your boats, and remember to make backups of your boat!

(* Freebie boats are given away as Copy only.)