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Series Five Finished

Posted by Atashi at 2015.08.02 16.25 in Racing

On Wednesday July 29th, our twentieth regatta of our fifth season was run and while Sandi won the day, Kim won the series.


It was a close one, coming down to the last day, and at the end of it all, a mere 5 points separated Kim and Sandi.

Aquadoc placed third overall, and earlier in the season he picked up his first gold medal ever! Atashi placed fourth, only four points behind Aquadoc.


Apart from our four regulars, we had a total of 13 racers make it to the points board over the course of the season.

With the conclusion of Series Five, we will take a break from the ‘serious points racing’. We’ll still meet up Wednesdays and Sundays for racing, but until we start Series Six, we’ll be racing for fun, and making some tweaks to the boats, the course, the rules, and so forth.

Series Five Starts May 24th

Posted by Atashi at 2015.05.24 17.00 in News, Racing

Our fifth season of racing will begin on Sunday May 24th.

As with past seasons, there will be a total of twenty regattas, taking place every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).

The change this season is we’re going to be running 8 races per regatta. The 8 races will be as follows:

  1. 5 Lap Limited Race
  2. 5 Lap Limited Race
  3. 5 Lap Limited Race
  4. 5 Lap Limited Race
  5. 10 Lap Unlimited Race
  6. 10 Lap Unlimited Race
  7. 10 Lap Unlimited Race
  8. 20 Lap Unlimited Race

Limited races are those where Turbo is disabled and the boats are all locked to Manoevering mode.

In the Unlimited races, Turbo is available and the boats may  use both Manoevering and Speed modes.

So come over to the Waikiti Wharf, grab a boat, and join us for some exciting boat races!

Kim Wins Series Four

Posted by Atashi at 2015.04.05 18.00 in News

The twentieth regatta of Series Four has come to an end, with Kim holding on to her lead to take the trophy.

Sandi was a close second, only 20 points behind after 120 races over the past 3 months.


We’ll have a month or so of off-time, while we re-tool the boats and the course, and prepare to start Series Five some time in May.

See you then!