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Course Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.03.17 12.00 in Hydrodrome

Long-time neighbor Ykellas has vanished, and we were able to add the 512m abandoned land to our racing parcel.

Also, the gates at the west-south-west part of the course were re-arranged to make the course much curvier.


Course Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.01.21 12.00 in Hydrodrome

We were able to purchase the absentee neighbor’s land. Another 1024m to Wai!

The southern pit entrance has been re-worked yet again, to improve the curviness.

The northern pit entrance has also been re-worked to make it easier to enter the pit lane.


Course Update

Posted by Atashi at 2015.01.05 12.00 in Hydrodrome

We got rid of TW’s boat repair hut, and started racing over a bit of land belonging to another absentee neighbor.

The southern end of the pit lane has been reworked to add another turn to the track.